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Bikinis to wear on Vacation

Pucker bikinis are also great to pack for vacations! Every destination has different fashion trends. Some vacation spots are a bit more conservative, while others are wild and crazy. If you’re unsure what the appropriate beach attire is, then a puckered back bikini is your best bet. It can be super sexy, but still covers […]

T- String, not a G- String Bikini

Every sexy bikini babe has her own tiny sexy little G-string bikini. But, now every hot bikini model wants a Teeny Bikini with a T- back bottom. No longer called a G- string, the Teeny tiny back of a T-string bikini is the new hot style for sexy bikini babes and swimwear models alike.

G-String Bikini Model Picture

I know it has been a while since I posted a bikini babe picture but i’m sure you’ll agree it was well worth the wait. Todays picture features a gorgeous bikini model wearing a super tiny g-string bottom! She has an amazing bottom and is able to pull off wearing such a teeny bikini. Be […]