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Matching tops for scrunchie butt bottoms!

I’ve been rambling about how sexy the pucker bottom bikini is forever, and forget to mention what type of tops look hot with it. Duh, not every beach it topless. And you wouldn’t need a bikini at the nude beach. So, if you are going to South Beach Miami, Virginia Beach, Cancun Spring break, Laguna […]

Sexy Bikini Tips for Styles!

A sexy bikini is hard to find these days. A bikini bottom is not supposed to cover your entire butt…that’s not hot! A Brazilian bikini is an obvious choice (if you want to look like everyother wanna-be bikini model). Another sad swimsuit option is a trendy one-piece bikini. Come on, is that really a sexy […]

T- String, not a G- String Bikini

Every sexy bikini babe has her own tiny sexy little G-string bikini. But, now every hot bikini model wants a Teeny Bikini with a T- back bottom. No longer called a G- string, the Teeny tiny back of a T-string bikini is the new hot style for sexy bikini babes and swimwear models alike.

G-String Bikini Model Picture

I know it has been a while since I posted a bikini babe picture but i’m sure you’ll agree it was well worth the wait. Todays picture features a gorgeous bikini model wearing a super tiny g-string bottom! She has an amazing bottom and is able to pull off wearing such a teeny bikini. Be […]

Sexy Bikini Babe Picture

How would you like to see free daily bikini pictures? Introducing our very first sexy bikini babe wearing a black sheer pucker bottom bikini. I must say, I really like how nice her bottom looks in this picture. How about you? For a bigger preview just click on the picture. I’ll be updating with sexy […]