What is a Scrunchie Bottom Bikini???

Okay, okay…so I know you’re wondering, “What is a scrunchie bottom bikini?”

Hello! Are you in the fashion dark ages! It’s the sexiest bikini out right now!

This sexy bikini bottom is my all time fav. (And it should be yours too). Whether you have a small tooshy, flat white-girl butt, or plump juicy couture bottom…you need a scrunchie bottom bikini.

This is not a want ladies, this is a Need!

A scrunchie bottom has many names (no one really knows what to call it). Some people call it a pucker bikini bottom, pucker butt, scrunchy butt, ruched back bikini, whatever.. It’s all the same idea. And it’s fabulous! The tiny sexy bikini bottom is scrunched in the back of the bikini bottoms, kinda puckers in the middle up your butt. It sounds gross, but looks totally sexy! Just look at the photos below.

The photos look amazing, right? I’m sure you’re thinking, “well, a model’s butt always looks good no matter what bikini bottom she wears.” NOT TRUE!

Every beach girl needs a little help. I’m not very confident about the shape of my butt in a tiny micro bikini, but after wearing a scrunchie bottom (pucker butt thingy) I will never go back to the same old swim suit.

The Brazilian bikinis ride up your butt anyways! Any you know that’s not comfortable. At least the pucker butt bikini is comfortable and still sexy.

If you can wear a thong under your jeans, or g-string lingerie, then you will think the pucker bottom is SOOO comfortable. Like floating on water! LOL (okay, that was cheesy)