Matching tops for scrunchie butt bottoms!

I’ve been rambling about how sexy the pucker bottom bikini is forever, and forget to mention what type of tops look hot with it.

Duh, not every beach it topless. And you wouldn’t need a bikini at the nude beach.

So, if you are going to South Beach Miami, Virginia Beach, Cancun Spring break, Laguna beach (you get the picture)…definitely wear the pucker bottom and pair it with a bandeau top, string triangle bikini top.

Or a sweetheart style top. I have heard the sweetheart style top also called “butterfly top” by a swimsuit company called

They have really sexy tops to go with scrunchy butt bottoms. I think they call their bottoms with the gathering up the back, pucker bottom or pucker butt. I don’t know, check it out.